Endless Rush Category: Jade
Endless Rush
This thing is playing itself. **


  • The Jade Scarab monthly event usually has a bonus rune called Endless Rush.
  • It gives you progress down the riverbed while you are idle -- if you are idle long enough.
  • If present during the monthly event, it typically includes a multiplier. If you collect multiple runes, that multiplier goes up.

What is It?

  • In the beginning there was Idle Gold.
  • If you are considered "idle" for a length of time, you are presented with a box showing how much gold your queens managed to "earn" while you were "idle" with an option to watch an Ad to double that amount.
  • Your progress down the riverbed, however, remains unchanged.
  • Endless Rush is the same concept except now instead of just receiving gold, your cast may have made some progress down the riverbed at the same time. It is as though your game was continuing to play itself while you were idle.
  • ** It doesn't actually play itself.
  • It's all math.

What is it based upon?

  • You must be seen as "idle" for a minimum of 120 seconds for Endless Rush (or even Idle Gold) to kick in.
  • A DPS calculation is made of your Average Crab Damage with critical rate/dmg factored in.
  • If you have Baby AppX or AppX crab, their damage is included in the overall DPS calculation.
  • If there is any multiplier from extra Endless Rush runes, the damage here is what is multiplied.
  • That overall DPS calculation is adjusted by an undisclosed amount of taps per second to simulate play.
  • Calculation is then done to see how many reptiles you could kill in the amount of time that you were idle.
  • If you had "enough time" to kill a reptile, you receive its gold and progress down the riverbed.

What is it not based upon?

  • Obviously this is not a full simulation of you playing the game, nor should it be. There is no substiture for actual gameplay.
  • Queen damage is not factored in -- though technically queen damage exists as part of average crab damage so it is not completely lost.
  • Any adjustment to boss timers through mutation or Ammonia Cloud Smokescreen is not factored in as of this writing.
  • A running Shadow Swarm or Queen Frenzy is not factored in as of this writing.
  • Other abilities (Genetic Split, Smokescreen's crit rate improvement) would already be reflected in the average crab damage so they are not lost.
  • Abysswyrms is not considered in the Rush progress calculations.

Anything Else?

  • It will not take you beyond your saved Max Distance (on your statistics screen).
  • During your initial run in a tournament it will not work because...
  • During tournaments it will not go beyond your posted distance in the tournament bracket.

Is it a waste of time?

Certainly not. Even with actual Queen damage being left out and Shadow Swarm being ignored and your 200 minute boss timer being overlooked, this is still a very handy feature to let you go do "other things" in life while your cast runs down the riverbed. The only roadblock they will hit is the first boss that cannot be defeated in the default timer of 30 seconds.

At some point we may add something to calculate how long you could be "idle" to receive full benefit of your Rush, or so you can see how much of your "idle" was wasted by being blocked.

No matter what, we guarantee had you been actively playing the game instead of idling, you would have made more progress in the same amount of time, but this still isn't bad. And you were able to get your laundry done.

What about Multipliers?

If you remember from our overall math model, double DPS equates to "about" +50m. However given how bosses fluctuate their health among other things, the math model doesn't necessarily reflect "actual riverbed distance", but it would be close. As you add multipliers, keep in mind the powers of 2. 200% DPS is considered doubling. To double that you would need 400%. Then 800%. Then 1600%.

Each extra Rune past the first seems to add 5% so you would need 20 of them to go from 100% to 200%. Is that worth your time?

Remember we have more information on the math page as well as a Rune Fragment Calculator to play with.

The Jade Worksheet also has an Endless Rush section that will show you what it can do.