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Welcome to Crustacean Royal Academy: Brachyura!

We are the only Academy dedicated to the education and strengthening of our brachyura brothers and sisters. Here at CRA:B we strive to provide your cast with the best tools and education to help you succeed in life. Please take some time to look over what we have to offer or read through our Library. If you feel so inclined, feel free to join us and enroll your cast today!

Only through education and unity can we grow stronger, drive back those that would eat defeat us, and revel in our homeland to enjoy peace, tranquility, and snacks!

Knowledge is Power. Increase yours today!

Flitter with a Gem

Flitter's Tip

Butterflies are your allies! Please don't eat us. Also, if you need a Juggernaut, you might want to buy Super Claw of Midas to reduce the things I can offer you. You got a minute to help me?

A Moment of Math

Does that boss at 60m seem super easy after the 50m one? Bosses have five levels of difficulty that rotate in a cycle starting easy at10m up to their hardest at 50m. The cycle then repeats 60m - 100m. Their health and gold is multiplied accordingly.


Version 3.93 Available

Version 3.9 brought with it the "Trade War" where you pick a side - red or blue - and collect event items for your "team" - after the event is over the winning "team" gets a prize, and the other team gets less of a prize. It is basically the same as any other event these days - collect a special butterfly, earn rewards on a tree. This just has the added prize of a "team" winning an additional prize. Unfortunately the "Trade War" is politically themed to imply China vs USA and has no business being in a game about crabs (personal opinion).

Version 3.8.0 Available

You can now choose your Land of Reptiles Tier difficulty all the way back to Tier 1 if you wish instead of just the previous three. Abilities no longer turn off when you reset the game. There are new goodies in the Pearl Shop -- a 3x DPS boost, a double Abyss distance, and a new version of Tapper Crab. Unity Burst has replaced Temporal Flux, and it appears Killer Crab is gone.

Version 3.7.1 Available

Version 3.7.0 fixed an issue with resetting the game ad nauseum to get an Abby, as well as a (hopefully final) adjustment to the queen autobuy logic. They also made a regular Ecdysis start at 5% of your distance so everyone can enjoy the queen autobuy even if you don't have any ranks of JTP. With JTP you can go to 35% now total. 3.7.1 fixed a bug with ecdysis and Abby.

Version 3.6.0 Available

New version to start the Easter event. As with other events, there's a new skin for the AppX crab, some sets to purchase, and what has become a normal "prize tree" to get goodies as you collect the event butterfly every five minutes.

Also, the logic for Queen Autobuy seems to have been adjusted a bit -- hopefully no more queens sitting at level 1201.

Butterfly Arcade

We moved all of the silly mini-games into the Butterfly Arcade (under the Info menu) so they can be found easier. At the same time we added a new game specifically as a thank you to school sponsors: Benny For Hire. Ever have a desire to turn the tables and help the reptiles? Consider supporting the school.


A couple people have said we should have a Donate button. We do. Visit the Info menu to go to our information page where you will find an option for a one-time donation as well as becoming a Supporter through Patreon for recurring donations.

Academy Update Log

As things are added or changed to the Academy this log might be updated. Last Update: About 14 days Ago (02 Sep @ 12:31 AM GMT)

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