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Welcome to Crustacean Royal Academy: Brachyura!

We are the only Academy dedicated to the education and strengthening of our brachyura brothers and sisters. Here at CRA:B we strive to provide your cast with the best tools and education to help you succeed in life. Please take some time to look over what we have to offer or read through our Library. If you feel so inclined, feel free to join us and enroll your cast today!

Only through education and unity can we grow stronger, drive back those that would eat defeat us, and revel in our homeland to enjoy peace, tranquility, and snacks!

Knowledge is Power. Increase yours today!

Flitter with a Gem

Flitter's Tip

Butterflies are your allies! Please don't eat us. Also, you will usually only see me every 10 min or so - it takes time to collect pearls and gems for you. They're so heavy. Do you have any pancakes? Or can you help me?

A Moment of Math

If you use Poison Cloud as your Smokescreen talent and you have Shadow Swarm active, you are missing out on a significant amount of damage. Almost 25 times the Shadow Swarm multiplier to be exact. Read the Smokescreen article for more.


Version 3.0.0 Available

A "MAJOR" update, per the release notes, introducing a monthly event that was promised earlier this year when Pearl Hunter was removed from the gene tree. AppX said they would be introducing an event to help players earn pearls again, and this is it.

For six days you get to collect rune fragments from green fireflies that appear every 20 seconds in the main game. You earn Runes by getting enough fragments. The Runes appear on a 10x10 board like Bingo. The more Runes you have, the more fragments you need to get new Runes. As you complete 10 Runes in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) you are given a bonus of pearls, gems, genes, or a free Burrower Crab.

After the six days is up, presumably the board locks and the Jade Scarab joins you in addition to the Rune bonuses going active.

There is a Library Article on the subject as well as a new worksheet.

Version 2.4.0 Available

With version 2.4.0 they added Set Bonuses in Land of Reptiles. For each "complete" set of parts you collect (Left Claw, Right Claw, Core, and Legs) you get an additional bonus to your main swarm damage. This adds to your existing Magma bonus that you have.

Here on the school we added 1 box to the King Crab worksheet to enter your set bonus from the game. We thought about giving you 21 boxes to enter every set number, and even thought about giving you 84 boxes to enter every single part -- but neither of which provide any value. The % is enough.

Version 2.3.0 Available

From the Notes:

  • New Baby Appxplore Crab that can be earned free from missions
  • 3 New missions to help early game progression
  • 3/20 0:00 UTC - Easter Event! Collect Eggs and exchange them for a special reward.
  • 3/27 0:00 UTC - The Easter Fiend is looking to wreck havoc in the Land of Repiles. Play co-op now to earn double honor points and Fossils to exchange them for Legendary Conches!
  • Revamped "Hunt the Wildebeast
  • Reworked Pearl Hunter into a new gene
  • Added support for more screen resolutions

Baby AppX Crab

There is a new AppXplore Crab that you can earn by completing a set of very easy tasks (kill 500 reptiles, tap 30 butterflies, use 30 abilities, etc). The Baby crab is on the same spawn timer as the big one, but only does 3x damage.

Early Game Missions

There are 3 new missions to "collect Artifacts" that are supposed to help your crabs. The first two are intended to happen before your first Ecdysis. Older players who have already done at least one Ecdysis will not get the first two.
  • Mission 1: Complete simple tasks, earn a Golden Ray.
  • Mission 2: Complete simple tasks, earn a Burrower Crab that activates immediately.
  • Mission 3: Complete simple tasks, earn the Baby AppX Crab.

Wildebeast Change

The daily boss / wildebeast / big blue used to spawn and be fought with crabs. Depending on when you spawned him, he would have either been very easy or very hard. They changed the fight now to be more similar to a LoR fight except there are no crabs. You fight him with lightning bugs.

Pearl Hunter Change

This is the elephant in the room. They removed Pearl Hunter gene and in its place gave you Appxplore Strand which increases the damage of the AppX and Baby AppX crabs. They are promising more "events" to earn pearls but those events are not in the game yet. For now, kiss your free pearls goodbye and give Flitter more pancakes.

Easter Event

They have two dates in the notes, so not sure if the event starts on the 20th or 27th. We'll see.

Butterfly Arcade

We moved all of the silly mini-games into the Butterfly Arcade (under the Info menu) so they can be found easier. At the same time we added a new game specifically as a thank you to school sponsors: Benny For Hire. Ever have a desire to turn the tables and help the reptiles? Consider supporting the school.


A couple people have said we should have a Donate button. We do. Visit the Info menu to go to our information page where you will find an option for a one-time donation as well as becoming a Supporter through Patreon for recurring donations.

Academy Update Log

As things are added or changed to the Academy this log might be updated. Last Update: About 2 days Ago (16 Jan @ 05:44 PM GMT)

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