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This is just the math bits scattered in the main article with some extra stuff added.

Rune Collecting!

  • The total fragments to fill your Rune board (100 runes) is 3585.
  • If you only tapped Messengers and did not watch any ads, that would be "about" 20 hours of time spent.
  • If you only tapped Messengers but did watch ads (30 seconds each), that would be "about" 14.5 hours of time spent and you would watch 399 ads in the process. Don't forget to tap your 100-ad achievement for your free gem.
  • If you spent pearls for beacons to get all 3585, you would spend around 7200 pearls.

Rune Fragment Calculator

Going Beyond 100 Runes

  • Collecting extra runes beyond 100 depends on your goal.
  • If Endless Rush multiplier is your goal, keep in mind each Rune is +5% and it takes 20 of them to "double" your DPS. After that it takes 40 more to double again. Then 80. Then 160. They add up fast.
  • If you want to raise next month's Memory Rune to "double" your overall DPS consider this. Say that you collected a full board in the previous event so your current Memory Rune is about 1000% dmg whatever. The board itself gives about 190 so you start this event with about 1200%. You'd need to collect 120 bonus runes this month to have a doubling effect come next month. Next month your Memory Rune would be about 2200% so the board would be about 2400% and you'd need to collect 120 bonus runes again just to maintain the same bonus, or 240 bonus runes if you were interested in doubling again. then 480 after that. etc.

The Laser

  • The power of the laser is equal to your Average Crab Damage multiplied by your king crab's damage multiplied by any special runes that may be in play for the month.
  • The laser can critical which is what makes it so very powerful after the other multipliers.
  • The laser shoots by default for 5 seconds unless modified by runes.
  • The laser can be fired again after 60 minutes unless modified by runes. Optionally you can spend pearls to fire sooner.
  • Typically each month there are enough runes on the board to increase the laser blast to 300% damage over 20 seconds with a 30 minute cooldown.
  • The Jade Worksheet has a Laser section that will show you what it can do.

To the Extreme

How many Runes can you get in your 7 day period? Most casual players will struggle to get all 100 of the base runes done. But there are other players that are a bit more, let's say "dedicated" to the cause.

Scenario 1
  • Tap every possible Messenger 24 hours a day.
  • Do not watch any ads.
  • Collect 4320 Fragments per day.
  • End with the base 100 Runes + 380 of the extra Rune.
  • 480 Runes total
  • The last 55 Messengers will go to waste.
Scenario 2
  • Tap every possible Messenger 24 hours a day.
  • Watch all ads for the 5x fragments.
  • Assume you don't run out of ads.
  • Assume an average ad length of 60 seconds.
  • Collect 5554 Fragments per day.
  • End with the base 100 Runes + 486 of the extra Rune.
  • 586 Runes total
  • The last 39 Messengers will go to waste except for the ads.
  • You will have watched 4319 ads and received 43 gems for that.
Scenario 3
  • Purchase a beacon for 100 pearls every 30 seconds 24 hours a day.
  • Successfully tap all 50 Messengers from the beacon.
  • Collect 14400 Fragments per day.
  • End with the base 100 Runes + 1244 of the extra Rune.
  • 1344 Runes total
  • You will spend just over 2 million pearls (value $14k USD).


  • The odds of filling any one of the 22 possible lines to get a prize with the first 10 runes is about 1 in 786 billion. This is the best case scenario.
  • The worst case scenario is filling every rune except one of the two diagonals, making your first prize line on the 91st rune. But don't worry too much -- the odds of that happening are about 1 in 8.5 trillion
  • You are more likely to fill your first prize line between rune 35 and 55.
  • By that worst case rune 91 you should have on average about 8 prize lines filled.
  • Don't get frustrated that you aren't filling prize lines untl you've mostly filled your board up -- math sucks unless you are very, very lucky. The bulk of your prizes will come from rune 80-100.
  • No matter what, you are guaranteed that on your 100th rune you will have all 22 prizes unlocked! :)