Crab Run Worksheet
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Current What-If Change %
Queen Level 0 0 0 0
Distance 0 0 0 0
Base DNA 0 0 0 0
ETC Bonus 0 0 0 0
Mutation 0 0 0 0
Total 0 0 0 0
Next Up (700) 0 0 0 0

Jade Event: DNA Transfusion Runes

Current What-If
Normal ECD 0 0
Super ECD 0 0

Factors Impacting DNA

Your Current What If
Ember Tipped Carapace 0
Mutation Strand 0
Symbiotic Strand 0

* Enter Queen Levels from your Statistics screen or Ecdysis screen.

A Depressing Look at ETC

Ember Tipped Carapace is a much-loved mutation that adds bonus DNA when you Ecdysis. Click Here to read more about it.

Why is it Depressing?

Go ahead and start raising the level in the What If column. You'll see why.

What If...?

  • Each new level of ETC adds 10% of your Base DNA.
  • Your What-If level (0) adds 0 extra DNA per run at this distance.
  • The cost of DNA to make that upgrade is 0.

I Can Afford That.

  • If you have that much DNA now and continue Ecdysis runs at 0 meters, it will take 0 additional runs before this purchase becomes profitable..


  • You are spending an amount of DNA to buy ETC levels.
  • Each level you buy gives you a small boost of bonus DNA per Ecdysis.
  • At some point in the future, that level will pay itself off.
  • That's what we mean by profitable.
  • Until then, ETC is still paying off your purchase cost.
  • As you go higher distances and earn more DNA, this will pay off faster.
  • Got It, Thanks.

I Don't Have That Much DNA!

Let's see when you can reach your What-If Level of 0.

  1. Starting Ecdysis Level
  2. Current Unspent DNA
  3. What percent % of your ecdysis DNA do you want to spend on ETC?
  4. Do you want to spend extra DNA on other stuff or save it up for more ETC?
    Save : Spend
  5. Use Current or What If values for ecdysis DNA calculations?
    Current : What If
  6. Do you want to see a full table or just the summary?
    Summary Only : Table Also
ETC Purchase Summary
  • Using 0 of each Ecdysis' DNA.
  • Saving all unspent DNA each run.
  • Using Current values for runs at 1000 meters.
  • Costs include your unlock cost of 0 DNA.
  • You can buy What-If level 0 on Ecdysis 0 (0)
  • You would fully profit from this purchase on Ecdysis 0 (0)
  • You CANNOT reach your target What-If level without either spending a higher % of DNA or saving up.
ETC Purchase Detail
ECD Cur ETC To Spend Can Buy Cost Left Over Profit ECD


Current What-If Change %
Reptile 0 0 0 0
Gold Reptile 0 0 0 0
Boss 0 0 0 0
Gold Boss 0 0 0 0
Average * 0 0 0 0
Section * 0 0 0 0
Leech Base 0 0 0 0
Midas 0 0 0 0
Emerald 0 0 0 0
* What?


Using your golden reptile spawn chance and gold boss chance (if applicable), we calculate an average per-reptile gold amount that you might receive at this distance. For comparison purposes only and does not include Midas Swarm or Emerald Strand because those are both hard to quantify and wouldn't amount to significant gold.


This is the amount of gold you would receive on average killing all reptiles in this 10m section of the riverbed, including the boss. Also for comparison purposes only.

Ember Tipped Walkers

ETW reduces the number of reptiles per section of riverbed. Less reptiles might mean a higher average gold, but the total gold for the section might be less.

Gold Multipliers

Current What-If Change %
Reptile 0 0 0 0
Gold Reptile 0 0 0 0
Boss 0 0 0 0
Leech 0 0 0 0
A Note on Multipliers These multipliers might be bigger than those shown on Spending DNA because these represent everything: mutations, genes, gold from evolutions and queens, the Claw of Midas buff, and any Jade Beetle bonus. Spending DNA focuses specifically on mutations.

Factors Impacting Gold

Your Current What If
Cerulean Walkers 0
Stalagmite Walkers 0
Stalagmite Carapace 0
Solar Flare Pincers 0
Red Devil Carapace 0
Ember Tipped Pincers 0
Ember Tipped Walkers 0
Violet Tipped Pincers 0
Gold Drop 0
Emerald Strand 0
Gilded Leech No
Golden Boss No
Midas Swarm No
Gene Lab Gold Luster 0
* The sum of crab and queen skill bonuses - shown on the main Statistics screen.
** The benefit of the Jade Beetle - shown on the Jade Beetle's screen.
*** We presume you have the full Claw of Midas buff running (150% base). Because why wouldn't you?


Current What-If Change %
Reptile 0 0 0 0
Boss 0 0 0 0

Factors Impacting Health

Your Current What If
Scythe Walkers 0


  • Using Jade Tipped Pincers level
  • If you Ecdysis at 0, you should start at 0m.
  • You are saving approximately 0 (assuming you could insta-kill from 0m-0m, and ignoring Abby time reduction)
  • You should start with "around" 0 gold if you don't have Queen Autobuy turned on.
  • Using What-If data, you should start with approximately 0 gold.
  • NOTE: Queen Autobuy is still a working theory and may not be accurate.
Possible Queen Autobuy
Queen Level What-If

Abysswyrm Love

  • Using Land of Reptiles Tier
  • Abby skip distance: 10m
  • Note that your skip distance is greater than or equal to the distance covered. These calculations aren't very meaningful in this case because your time entirely depends on when you trigger an Abby, not an average of how many that you might see during the run. In this case, it only takes one.
  • Using Claw of Midas x2 Bonus
  • Starting at 0m from above Ecdysis section.
    • Ending at 0 without Abby about 0.
    • Ending at 0 with Abby is about 0.
    • You would see Abby about 0 times.
  • Starting at 0m, as during a tournament.
    • Ending at 0 without Abby about 0.
    • Ending at 0 with Abby is about 0.
    • You would see Abby about 0 times.
  • All times are presuming constant and instant killing - any time idling to upgrade would of course be more.

Going A Distance

  • Using Verdant Wings Walkers level
  • How long does it take you to defeat a normal reptile around 0 meters?
  • seconds (0.1 = instant)
  • Using a boss timer of 0 seconds.
  • Assuming your damage does not increase or decrease.
  • Because of the boss timer, you will not make any further progress.
  • Because of the boss timer, progress will stop around 0m after 0s.
  • The next boss would take about 0s seconds to defeat.
  • Note that this is not the same as the Endless Rush ability on the Jade Worksheet. You cannot be idle for this to be feasible. Endless Rush does not use a modified boss timer.

Simulated Run

Using the power of Math, we can sorta estimate where your realistic maximum distance is located by performing a general simulation of your run down the riverbed.

Running a simulation with no data is pointless - for that reason you need to be signed in and have a cast of crabs on your account to use this simulator.