Crustacean Royal Academy: Brachyura (aka Crab School) is a "fan site" for the phone game Crab War which is developed, produced, and owned by Appxplore Sdn Bhd. All copyrights to the game and related assets belong to AppXplore. Nothing on this website is sponsored nor endorsed by AppXplore and is presented as derivative works where appropriate for entertainment value only. The official logo and some Crab War art assets were provided to us by AppXplore but that alone does not constitute endorsement of what we say or do here.


Crab War was released on 26 May, 2016 and quickly grew a cult following by people addicted to incremental/tapper games involving cute little crabs. The game also garnered some acclaim by winning Google Play's "Best of 2016 Games" award.

The Reddit community soon started helping each other with strategies and more in-depth information about the game. Some players even went so far as to reverse engineer the math behind the game and go on to develop a "tool" on Google Sheets to calculate various aspects of the game. That tool was very useful but it also had many limitations with users bumping into each other trying to use it.

We decided to create a web application instead to bring the functionality of the spreadsheet into a more interactive venue, along with collected knowledge from the Reddit community. Being a web app also gives us the ability to do more things that a spreadsheet cannot do. We hope you find it useful.



Toru (aka imukai) has been moderating the Crab War sub on Reddit since 2016. He is also the primary coder and owner of this website. He can be reached on Reddit or you can email him through this site. Toru at crab school dot com.

Professor of Mathematics

Camp (aka campolif on Reddit) was very instrumental in reverse engineering most of the game and providing that information in excrutiating detail to the rest of the community. He also authored the original version of the Tool spreadsheet before Toru taught him how to add some programming logic to it and collaborate on a new version of the sheet. He has long since retired from working with crabs.

Department of River Bed Maintenance

It takes help to do something like this, in the form of testing and initial feedback before things go public. These folks were pretty dang impressive in their assistance along the way, even if sometimes it was like herding cats to get their feedback.

Donations / Endowments

Don't like advertisements? Neither do we, so we are trying not to clutter the site by having them.

As this site is independently-funded and owned, all costs of hosting and maintenance are bore by one unfortunate soul. AppXplore does not provide any monetary payments for our endorsement of their product by creating this site, nor any testing, reporting, or bug identification that we do in the process of investigating their game. They do occasionally provide in-game Pearls for our efforts but as this site does not run on Pearls, it does not count as payment. As full disclosure, Toru has received a total of 2500 pearls gifted from AppX for bug reporting, and a promotional pillow for moderating the Reddit forum.

In other words, if you want to give real money because you find our information useful and you would like to see the site continue to thrive and receive new features, we would be most appreciative.

Continued Donations

Instead seeking advertisers and cluttering the site, we have created a support page on Patreon which allows you to donate a fixed amount every month to help support the site. Patrons donating via Patreon will receive a little badge on their cast Details pages, and could be first in line to make requests for changes or assist in testing. They may also appear on this page (if they choose). This is a wonderful way to chip in a little bit each month to help further development and cover physical costs here.

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