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The Riverbed
Endless. Dry. Home.

  • The riverbed is measured in meters.
  • You can think of the game as being chopped up into "difficulty levels" of 10m each.
  • From 1m to 10m could be considered the first "level", 11m - 20m the 2nd "level" and so forth.
  • All reptiles within the same level have the same health and drop the same amount of gold
  • Golden reptiles and bosses, as detailed elsewhere in the Library, drop additional gold.
  • At the end of the "level" is a boss. Kill that boss to advance to the next "level".
  • If you fail to kill the boss within the given timer, you remain in that "level" killing reptiles until you are strong enough to face the boss again.
  • You gain bonus DNA for Ecdysis every 15 levels (150 meters) after 550m. So starting at 700m you get bonus DNA, then 850m, 1000m, 1150m, etc.
  • You do not have to defeat a boss at the bonus DNA level to get credit for reaching that level. Example, if you reach 1000m but fail to kill the boss, you still get the bonus DNA for getting there.
  • Bosses get progressively harder every 5 levels, then reset back to being easy again. This is detailed in this article, but this is why a boss at 60m seems very easy after defeating the boss at 50m.
  • There are normally 10 reptiles per level - one for each meter.
  • The mutation Ember Tipped Walkers can reduce this number down to 5 reptiles per level, progressing you +2 meters each time you defeat something.