Jade Tipped Pincers Category: Mutations
Jade Tipped Pincers
+20% All Damage
Skip 0.3% Distance when Ecdysis
Maximum Level: 100

  • Increases Damage granted by mutations to EVERY colour by 20% per level.
  • The very first level when you unlock gives you a double bonus, so you start with 40%
  • Mutation damage adds up into one big bonus, so adding this 20% to an existing bonus of 500% would total 520%.
  • The genes Mutation Infusion multiply this coloured damage by 10% per gene, to a maximum of 110%.
  • The Gene Lab's Mutation Specialization further add to this multiplication by 5% per level, with no maximum,
  • Skips three-tenths of one percent (0.3%) distance when you perform an Ecdysis per level of mutation.
  • When you Ecdysis it takes your distance and uses this percentage, added to the base 5%, to decide where to start you. You then start at the beginning of that section of riverbed.
  • So if you have a JTP of 100 (30%) and you Ecdysis at 3000m, you will start at 35%. or 1051m.
  • You receive an amount of gold appropriate for starting at that distance, so you can immediately upgrade your crabs, queens, and abilities.
  • The amount of gold you received to start is based off "normal reptile gold" and is impacted by all factors that influence it.
  • That starting gold is used to auto-upgrade your queens if you have that ability turned on.
  • See this article on how gold works.
  • When maxed out, you would add 2020% mutation damage to EVERY colour crab and queen (multiplied by bonuses described above), and start over at 30% of the distance when you perform an Ecdysis.


This is one of the mutations that will change your game, especially when you start doing runs to earn DNA to save up for those higher priced mutation unlocks. This can get expensive to max out, but in the long run it is worth it and will save you a lot of time when you don't have to start over from 0 every time.

NOTE: For Tournaments, you are forced to a regular 1m Ecdysis when you first join the tournament. Any bonuses given by JTP do not apply when you first join the tournament. If you do any Ecdysis while in the tournament, JTP works as usual.

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