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A Healthy Headache Incoming

There is a lot of math in the game, and hundreds if not thousand of crab-hours have been spent reverse engineering and analyzing data to figure out how things work. There are many detailed math posts on Reddit, which will be linked throughout this if you want even more of a headache. The point of this article was to try and explain things in a way that anyone can understand. This is a subset of the main Math Article to save some scrolling.

Reptile Health

  • As noted in the the Riverbed article, every reptile within the same 10m game "level" has the same health.
  • Golden Reptiles have the same health as regular reptiles.

Boss Health

  • Boss reptiles have five levels of difficulty.
  • Bosses work on a rotation of easy (10m) to hard (50m) then go back to easy (60m) and scale up to hard (100m) again - repeating this cycle forever.
  • Boss health is 60% more than a normal reptile's health, multiplied for each step of difficulty.
  • The difficulty progression for a boss is 1.6, 3.2, 4.8, 6.4, and 8 times the reptile health.
  • The mutation Scythe Walkers can cut boss health in half when maxed out.
  • This is why it may seem some bosses are super hard (at 50m and 00m) and then the one immediately after them seems very easy (at 10m and 60m).
  • Fun Fact: with "Scythe Walkers" maxed out, the easier bosses (10m, 60m) actually have less health than the reptiles you killed to get to them.
  • The absolute maximum speed that you can kill a reptile is approximately every 1.2 seconds, or 50 per minute.

Deeper Health Math