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Abilities and Talents


  • There are six Abilities that you may activate during play.
  • You unlock the abilities by raising your Crab Level.
  • Each ability can be levelled up, growing more powerful the higher it goes.
  • There are Genes that can make each ability more powerful in some way.

Durations and Cooldowns

  • Each ability has a timed duration as well as a cooldown period before you may use it again.
  • Mutations can alter both the duration and cooldown of most of the abilities.
  • With the exception of Colossal Crab and Golden Leech, it is possible through mutations to increase the duration to match the cooldown period, thus making what we call a "permanent" ability.
  • When we say "permanent" we just mean there is no more cooldown time. You still have to activate the ability again once it runs out.
  • There is a bug/feature where if you quit the game (or it crashes) you will find none of your abilities running. Their cooldown timers will be counting down.



  • At ability level 3 you choose a Talent which further enhances the ability.
  • For the cost of 50 pearls you may change the Talent during play.

Other Ways to Activate

  • A yellow Butterfly may activate one of your abilities, even if they are currently on cooldown.
  • The yellow butterfly will not activate an ability that is currently active.
  • A butterfly-activated ability runs at 50% duration unless you have the Chrono Butterfly genes, which can extend that duration up to 100%.
  • Flitter, the blue butterfly, sometimes offers Unity Burst for 75 pearls. This activates all 6 of your abilities at once, even if they are currently on cooldown. Unity Burst abilities run at full duration.

"Permanent" Abilities