Colossal Crab Category: Abilities
Colossal Crab
Unlocked at Crab Level 75
Deals Damage to Reptile
+60x per Level

  • This ability summons a giant crab that charges at the reptile.
  • He does a certain multiplier of AVERAGE CRAB DAMAGE and does not crit.
  • See this article for more information on the average stats.
  • His multiplier starts at 150x and gains 60x per ability level.
  • The gene Colossal Twin will add a x10 multiplier and summon a second Colossal Crab immediately after the first one charges. The twin uses the same talent.
  • The mutation Scythe Pincers will reduce the cooldown by 50% when maxed out.

Talent: Crab Mother

  • Summons 100 smaller crabs before the big crab charges.
  • These 100 smaller crabs do AVERAGE CRAB DAMAGE that do not crit.

When it's good

Super low levels can benefit from the additional damage when attacking a boss when they still have a 30 second boss timer.


In practice this talent only adds 100x crab damage to the overall Colossal Crab - which already is doing 270x crab damage when you pick a talent. That's a big percentage at first, but considering the crabs don't crit, it's only useful at super low levels. Consider at higher levels, CCrab can do over 3000x, so this 100x really is nothing.

Talent: Crab Commander

  • Gives a 200% speed boost to all crabs on the field when you summon the Colossal.
  • Gives a 100% damage boost to all crabs on the field when you summon the Colossal.
  • The damage boost is to the base damage, which is factored into the critical damage, so it is a true 100% damage boost to crab and queen damage (does not double any bonus damage such as Queen Frenzy).

When it's good

The speed part is good for clearing a queen "traffic jam" before you get any other speed boost that will do the same thing (Frenzy, yellow butterfly 50% speed bonus, Royal Wings). Good if you have a field full of crabs and you want to double their damage.


The damage boost only applies to crabs on the field while Colossal is active. This means any crabs that spawn during the approximate two seconds that it takes for him to appear, scratch the ground, and charge.

Talent: Crab Guardian

  • Adds 60x crab damage to Colossal Crab.
  • Adds Bubble Shield to all crabs currently on the field or spawn during Colossal being on screen.
  • Bubble Shield blocks the explosion from a dead reptile, and adds 25% damage to the crab with the shield.

When it's good

Super low levels might benefit from the extra damage when attacking a boss, and Bubble Shield's damage stacks on top of criticals for that 25% burst damage.


60x additional damage to Colossal Crab is a drop in the bucket when you consider CC is doing 270x damage when you pick a talent. 60x is like buying +1 level of Colossal Crab ability. The Bubble Shield prevents your crab from being killed by an exploding reptile - relatively useless. The +25% damage is nice, but since it is such a short-lived buff, it still sucks overall.

For Fun

When you have a queen traffic jam, hit this and count how many reptiles it takes for the final slow slow queen's bubble shield to pop. Unfortunately you can't do this after you get any speed abilities since you won't have a traffic jam.

Which Talent Should I Choose?

Honestly most veterans don't even bother levelling Colossal Crab past level 3 because the damage is worthless and the talents are questionable. At upper levels with the ability maxed out, the CC tends to do less than 0.5% of a reptile's health. A few tapped crabs will outdamage it. Picking a talent doesn't really matter here. That said, his Guardian talent and Commander talent can give you a brief damage burst on the crabs actually doing damage, and if I was forced to choose one, I would pick Commander.