Scythe Pincers Category: mutations
Scythe Pincers
+90% Amethyst Damage
5% Colossal Crab Cooldown Reduction
Maximum Level 10

  • Increases Amethyst Damage granted by mutations by 90% per level.
  • The very first level when you unlock gives you a double bonus, so you start with 180%
  • Mutation damage adds up into one big bonus, so adding this 90% to an existing bonus of 500% would total 590%.
  • The genes Mutation Infusion multiply this coloured damage by 10% per gene, to a maximum of 110%.
  • The Gene Lab's Mutation Specialization further add to this multiplication by 5% per level, with no maximum,
  • Decreases the cooldown on Colossal Crab by 5% per level.
  • The default cooldown is 10 minutes (600 seconds)
  • When maxed out, you would have 990% added to your mutation bonus for Amethyst crabs and queens (multiplied by bonuses described above), and the cooldown of Colossal Crab will be cut in half.


This should be your 36th mutation. If you get it at any time prior to that, you should reset it and research something else. Colossal Crab is the worst ability you have, and even cutting its cooldown from 10 minutes to 5 minutes doesn't change the simple fact that it is horrible. When you eventually get the gene Colossal Twin and can turn the Crab Commander buff from 2.5 seconds into 5 seconds, then I guess this might be worth having - but by the time you get Twin, you'll have all of your mutations anyway. Just.. don't let the game give this to you.

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