Mutation Strand Category: genes
Mutation Strand
Cost: 3 Gene Points, Max: 2

  • Adds 2% to the mutation DNA bonus per gene.
  • Having both genes will add 4% to the bonus DNA given per mutation.
  • Base mutation DNA bonus is 2%, so having both will = 6% per mutation.
  • Having all 36 mutations would be a total mutation bonus of 72% (no genes), 144% (1 gene), or 216% (both genes)
  • DNA is based off [Queen Level DNA + Distance DNA] which you can see on the Ecdysis screen.
  • This bonus is added in to all other bonuses before calculating the [Mutation DNA] on the Ecdysis screen.
  • See this article for more information on DNA math.

Should I Get Them?

If your base DNA is 10000 then this represents an additional 7200 DNA per gene assuming you have all 36 mutations. That may sound like a lot but if your base DNA is 10000 you're probably getting 250000+ anyway. Is another 7200 worth the investment? That's up to you.