Golden Boss Category: genes
Golden Boss
Cost: 8 Gene Points

  • 30% chance for a boss to spawn as Golden.
  • Golden Boss drops 10x gold of a regular boss.
  • Mutations for "Boss Gold" (Red Devil Carapace) and "All Gold" (Stalagmite Walkers) influence this.
  • See this article for more information about gold.
  • Gold boss graphic looks like the Wildebeast, just golden coloured.


Mathematically this gene works out to an "average" increase of 2.7x gold overall from bosses. Of course it depends "which bosses" turn into golden ones as to what your actual increase would be.

Should I Get It?

Bosses drop between 2x and 10x what an unmodified "normal" reptile would drop (modified by their own mutations). Having another 10x on top of that is nice, sure, but the additional gold won't be game changing in the least especially after you have 100% golden reptile spawn rate. Still, more gold is good, but this one shouldn't be a priority and certainly isn't worth wasting 8 gene points on in early game. If this turned EVERY boss gold, it would be a better value but as it stands, not so much.