Butterflies Category: general information
The Butterflies
Your Friends. Your Saviors.

  • Butterflies occasionally grace your presence by flying over your riverbed.
  • You have approximately 20 seconds to touch them before they fly away.
  • They appear randomly every 1-2 minutes.
  • The mutation Red Devil Walkers increases their spawn rate. When maxed out, they will appear closer to the 1 minute mark.
  • The mutation Viridian Pincers gives you a chance to spawn two butterflies instead of one.


  • The Yellow butterflies grant you buffs, by either a free activation of one of your Abilities or a buff that is unique to the butterfly.
  • Occasionally you will be offered something in exchange for watching an ad.
  • If the butterfly grants you one of your Abilities, it will run for 50% of the duration of that ability by default.
  • The genes Chrono Butterfly increase this duration until it is 100%.
  • Most of the abilities can be activated at any time by a butterfly, with exception of Golden Leech which is only granted through watching an Ad.
  • Tip: Save your ads (cancel them) during your tournaments to save the Golden Leech ads until you need them.
  • Aside from your abilities, you may be given a pearl, a 50% boost to Speed, or gold.
  • Tip: Yellow won't activate an ability that you already have running. If you want more pearls, make sure all of your abilities are running before you touch the butterfly.
  • From watching ads, other than Golden Leech you may receive a big chunk of gold, 5 pearls, or a buff that gives you 100% chance of spawning a Golden Reptile.
  • The gene Butterfly Shockwave gives the Yellow butterflies the ability to damage the reptile when you touch them.

Blue, aka Flitter

  • The Blue butterfly offers you a deal in exchange for Pearls.
  • His name is Flitter.
  • He is a random spawn but he has a minimum 10 minute cooldown between visits.
  • He offers some of the pearl Shop abilities for discounted prices: Golden Ray and Tapper Crab.
  • He also has some unique offers that you cannot buy otherwise: Juggernaut Crab, Unity Burst, and Super Claw of Midas.
  • Juggernaut Crab (250 Pearls) summons a ginormous crab to plow you 30m down the riverbed.
  • Unity Burst (75 Pearls) will activate all six of your Abilities at once without changing their cooldown status.
  • Super Claw of Midas (100 Pearls) is a 24 hour version of the Claw of Midas buff that you can get for free by watching an ad every hour, which increases your gold.
  • Tip: If you are wanting a specific offer to appear, such as Juggernaut Crab during a tournament, it may be worth spending the 100 pearls for Super Claw to reduce his list of options.
  • The gene Treasure Butterfly turns Flitter into your best friend ever. He starts bringing you Pearls or, if you are really nice to him, a Gem. This is when you will want to set a 10 minute timer to keep an eye out for him.