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Twice the Fun, Twice a Week


  • Tournaments happen twice a week. Wednesday and Saturday beginning at Midnight GMT.
  • Here is a GMT Clock if you aren't familiar with world time.
  • We keep a timer on the front page of the Academy as well as the top of the Sports page to let you know when the next tournament starts.


  • You must be at least ECD Level 1 to see the Tournament button. New players (ECD 0) cannot participate in the tournament.
  • If your account has been flagged for cheating you will not see the Tournament button.
  • You have 24 hours to join the tournament.
  • When you join the tournament, it will force you to Ecdysis and start you at 0m regardless of any JTP bonus you have.
  • Sometimes there may be special Runes from the monthly Jade event that will impact your starting distance.

Inside the Tournament

  • After joining, you have 24 hours from that time to make it as far as you can.
  • You may see others on the leaderboard far ahead of you when you first join. They obviously started before you, but don't worry. You all get 24 hours to compete and they will run out of time before you do.
  • Players may try to communicate by changing their nicknames.
  • You can change your nickname under Settings in the game and it will update on the leaderboard when you kill the next boss.
  • You may perform regular Ecdysis during the tournament and it will save your highest distance in the tournament list. If you have the JTP mutation, that bonus will apply to these extra Ecdysis. Your status on the leaderboard will not update until you pass your previous distance.
  • You may perform Super Ecdysis during the tournament and keep going just like normal game play.
  • When your 24 hours of tournament time are over, you may have to wait for the others in your bracket to finish their 24 hours before you receive your reward.

Tournament Missions

  • 1.6.0 introduced Tournament Missions as a way to earn extra Gene Points during the tournaments..
  • Missions are simple solo tasks. As of right now, there are two known missions.
  • Your mission and your progress is listed on the leaderboard panel.
  • You receive the mission reward at the end of the tournament.
  • A tip for the 30000 tap mission: if your device supports multi-touch, you can tap with multiple fingers simultaneously to build your tap counter faster. It doesn't work for game things like leeching, but for the tap counter it does.

Tournament Buff

  • While you are in the tournament you will enjoy a special buff that is active for the duration of the tournament.
  • There appear to be twelve buffs in total that rotate in order.
    • 100% chance to spawn an extra yellow butterfly
    • DNA gained from Ecdysis x2
    • Abysswyrm spawn chance x2
    • Golden Reptile gold x5
    • Activate a Juggernaut after an Abysswyrm warp
    • King Crab will spawn in the main game to help
    • Shadow Swarm damage x2
    • Genetic Split damage x2
    • Golden Leech gold x2
    • Queen Frenzy damage +2%
    • Smokescreen increases crit damage x2
    • Ability Durations x2

Leaving a Tournament

  • There is no reason to leave a tournament, but if you want to...
  • There is a Leave button in the tournament leaderboard window.
  • If you Leave, you will retain your distance in the leaderboard and will receive a reward once the tournament has finished based on that distance.
  • Your nickname will have (Left) placed at the end, and you are done until the next tournament.
  • It should be obvious, but if you Leave a tournament and then progress a further distance, it will not update the tournament leaderboard.
  • You cannot leave one tournament bracket to join a different bracket.
  • You do not have to leave the tournament to perform Ecdysis (see the 5th bullet under Inside the Tournament above).

Tournament Brackets

  • You will be competing with up to 200 others that joined "around" the same time as you.
  • Brackets remain open and filling until they reach 200, or the initial 24 hours to join has elapsed.
  • Depending on the time of day and player participation, it may take a couple of hours to completely fill a bracket.

Participation Rewards

  • As part of 1.5.0 they introduced a one time set of tournament participation awards of extra gene points.
  • If they are available to you, you will be presented with an Entry Gift upon first joining the tournament.
  • It starts at 3 points, then 5 points, then 20 points - totaling 28 gene points over 3 tournaments.
  • AppX confirmed this is a one time thing, not recurring. We've asked that they make it recurring to encourage more participation in the tournaments. If you agree, send them a note to support@appxplore.com.
  • The introduction of Tournament Missions may be the AppX response to the participation reward not recurring.


  • Some brackets may arrange to tie for 1st place. Often players will change their nicknames to communicate: e.g. "Toru 32.8k" would mean I was willing to stop at a distance of 32.8k and let others tie me to share 1st place prizes.
  • Ties are OPTIONAL and some people ignore them for any number of reasons. It is a tournament after all, and sharing the top prize should be considered an act of kindness, not a right nor an entitlement.
  • Repeating that last point. Ties are optional. Nobody is obligated to tie. If your bracket ties, congratulations on your luck, your trust, and your reward. Not all brackets are so lucky.


  • As of 2.0 and the Oct 27 2017 Tournament, anyone flagged as a cheater should not be able to participate in the tournaments. There is no longer a "cheater bracket".
  • If you think a cheater is in your tournament group, please contact support@appxplore.com and include your game ID (listed inside your Settings panel) along with any details you can provide that makes you think the player is cheating. AppX will investigate the player and take appropriate action.

Tournament Prizes

  • See the individual League listings for the breakdown of tournament awards.

Good Luck

Good luck, have fun, play nice, and enjoy your rewards! Remember this is just a game.

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