Toxic Vines Category: genes
Toxic Vines
Cost: 8 Gene Points

  • Vines do 20x crab damage per second.
  • Vines only appear on "boss stages" - every 10 meters. You probably haven't noticed they are vines until now.
  • If you fail to kill a boss, the vines remain as you keep killing normal reptiles.
  • This 20x is based on your AVERAGE CRAB DAMAGE and does not crit.
  • See this article for more information on the average stats
  • This is permanent, it has no cooldown and does not have to be activated once purchased.
  • Changes the vine graphics to add pulsating pink spikey flowers. Image

Should I Get It?

Depends. This will raise your idle damage when facing bosses, or farming gold by killing regular reptiles at the boss level. This does not run out as Poison Cloud does, and this is 20x versus Poison's 3x.. so under those conditions, yes this is nice to have. But considering non-crit 20x per second isn't very much damage... this would not be a priority gene for the vast majority of players.


Do this little exercise. When you are near your max distance and facing a boss, take a look at the boss health (or use our Worksheet to calculate their health at that distance). Now take a look at your average crab damage and multiply that by 20. That's how much Vines would contribute to your damage output. When we calculated this for ourselves, Vines would need over 1000 seconds to do 1% of the boss reptile's health. If Vines could crit, this would be a lot better and more useful. As they say, YMMV, so do your own math for your own game and make a decision for yourself.