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The Gene Tree


  • The Gene Tree was added to the game in August 2016 when Tournaments were introduced.
  • The Gene Tree is an additional way to increase the power of your crabs, on top of normal means (Mutations, Evolutions, Queen Skills, and Gems).
  • Bonuses granted by Genes are used as an additional multiplier in the game calculations.
  • It costs 5 Pearls per spent Gene Point to reset your tree if you want to make changes to it.
  • There are a total of 402 nodes on the Gene Tree, at costs ranging from 1 to 8 points.
  • A full tree costs 567 Gene Points.

Sources of Gene Points

  • You earn Gene Points mainly by competing in the Tournaments. You earn between 1 and 35 gene points depending how well you do in the tournament.
  • Also during the tournament you may receive bonus gene points for completing a "Mission" - which is a very simple solo task. Known missions so far are catching 60 butterflies or tapping 30000 times. The reward is 3 extra gene points.
  • As of the 1.5.0 release, there is a one-time "Entry Gift" when you join the tournament, for 3, 5, then 20 gene points to reward participation, for a total of 28 points over three tournaments. We've suggested they make this permanent like the daily beast but as of yet that isn't happening.
  • The monthly Jade Scarab Rune Board will give you 32 genes if you work on filling it up.
  • Occasional holiday events where you collect parts from Sparky the event butterfly award genes in their prize tree.


  • We have a Gene Tree Worksheet here at the Academy that you may want to play with after reading up on the various genes.
  • We have a Gene Lab Worksheet also to help spend those extra genes you will have eventually.