Royal Wings Category: genes
Royal Wings
Cost: 8 Gene Points

  • Increase queen speed by 50% when Queen Frenzy is active.
  • Doubles queen damage when Queen Frenzy is active
  • Only doubles the queen's damage, does not double the bonus +crab damage that Queen Frenzy applies to her criticals
  • Even though the queen damage doubles, it does NOT currently translate into additional Crab Damage through the "Queen DPS to Crab Dmg" mechanism. AppX confirmed that this is intended and is not a bug.
  • Changes the Queen Frenzy graphic to be more intimidating. It's one of the neater visual changes. Image

Should I Get It?

No. Visually it is cool, but the increased speed is worthless as the queens do not spawn any faster, and the doubled queen damage is negligible when you add a healthy amount of +crab damage every time she crits. Queen damage can be on the order of 1 TRILLION times less than that of the crabs, so doubling that damage to only be 500 BILLION times less really doesn't make a difference. You won't see it. But did I mention it looks cool? Note: If AppX ever changes this so the extra queen DPS translates into crab damage, this would become priority.