Laser Crab Category: genes
Laser Crab
Pew... Pew... Pew...
Cost: 8 Gene Points

  • Shoots a laser beam every 3 seconds. You do not have to do anything for this to happen. He is idle damage.
  • He appears to be blind most of the time. He shoots his laser whether there is a reptile there or not. Sometimes, he will hit nothing at all. He only cares about firing his laser.
  • His damage is colorless - he uses your Average Crab Damage.
  • His base damage is 6 * your Average Crab Damage.
  • He uses your Average Crit Rate, and Average Crit Damage to decide how much the reptile gets hurt. This is the same information that the AppX crab uses. If you don't have the AppX crab you can average your three crabs' numbers yourself.
  • See this article for more information on the average stats
  • So red damage = 6 * Average Crab Damage and he has Average Crit Rate chance to purple.
  • And purple damage = red damage * Avg Crit Dmg

Should I Get It?

He is the better of the idle damage choices in the tree. The fact that he seems to shoot whether a reptile is there or not is kind of annoying, but his damage is decent when he does hit.