Gunner Crab Category: genes
Gunner Crab
Pew Pew Pewpewpewpew
Cost: 8 Gene Points

  • Shoots at the reptile whenever you tap.
  • He is not idle damage.
  • Tapper Crab in the store does not work with him. The old Tapper did.
  • His damage is colorless - he uses your Average Crab Damage.
  • His base damage is 0.5 * your Average Crab Damage.
  • He uses your Average Crit Rate, and Average Crit Damage to decide how much the reptile gets hurt. This is the same information that the AppX crab uses. If you don't have the AppX crab you can average your three crabs' numbers yourself.
  • See this article for more information on the average stats
  • So red damage = 0.5 * Average Crab Damage and he has Average Crit Rate chance to purple.
  • And purple damage = red damage * Avg Crit Dmg

Should I Get It?

If you don't tap, no, you shouldn't. Like Tertiary Fission this only gives you any bonus if you tap. This is one of the few genes that actually does what it says it does without any implied double-speak or misunderstood words - you tap, he shoots. The damage increase isn't as large as with Tertiary Fission, but it is still not that bad since it can crit. Decide for yourself. For me, the combination of this + Tertiary Fission+ the two Amethyst Strands = beast mode when I do have to tap.