Gilded Leech Category: genes
Gilded Leech
Cost: 8 Gene Points

  • Your Golden Leech will drop a nugget worth 2% of accumulated gold on each tap.
  • Accumulated gold does not include any of these 2% nuggets.
  • Example: If you get 100 gold per tap from the reptile, the first tap will give you a nugget worth 2 gold. The second tap will give you a nugget worth 4 gold, etc. If the leech exploded at that point, you would get 200 gold from the leech, and have a total of 206 gold.
  • For every 100 taps of the leech, your final gold take will have increased by 100%.
  • Meaning if you tap 10 times a second, or 300 taps total, you will receive +300% the gold that you would have gotten without Gilded Leech, for a total of 4x the gold.
  • Tapper Crab in the store does not work with him any longer. The old Tapper would have given you up to 900 taps.
  • Changes the leech graphic from a tick to more of a.. moth?

Should I Get It?

Yes! While the increased gold from Gilded Leech won't make you into a rockstar, you will get about 20-30% more queen levels from a Gilded Leech bounty than you would from a regular Leech with the same number of taps. I'd rank this one second (after Flitter) for usefulness of the 8 point genes.