Gem Restructuring Category: genes
Gem Restructuring
Cost: 5 Gene Points

  • Removes one gem randomly from your highest quantity gem stacks.
  • If you have more than one stack that is the highest quantity, it will choose one at random.
  • Picks a new random gem.
  • Random means any gem that is not already at max stack, picked at random. If you want more predictable results, see Gem Refining.
  • This is one-time use ability.

Should I Buy Them?

If you are a gambling crab, this might be worthwhile. 5 Gene Points for a chance at getting a gem you really want isn't bad, especially if your highest quantity gems are in a colour that you don't really care about. Randomness being what it is though, you could get the same gem again. Caveat emptor.

If you are curious you can always go to the Gems worksheet to look over your Probabilities of having any one gem picked by the random number generator and decide if it is worth risking the 5 genes. Remember you will lose one gem from one of your highest-quantity gem stacks. If you have more than one stack at the max quantity, it will randomly choose one of them.