Emerald Strand Category: genes
Emerald Strand
Cost: 3 Gene Points, Max: 2

  • Drops 1% reptile gold when an Emerald crab criticals on a reptile.
  • Does not work with Shadow Swarm crabs - only tapped crabs and queens. I confirmed with AppX that this is intended and is not a bug.
  • Having both genes makes the total 2%.
  • Based on "normal reptile gold" regardless of the type of reptile you are facing. Gold reptiles and boss reptiles still drop gold based on a "normal" reptile.
  • See this article for more information on how gold works.
  • Mutations Cerulean Walkers and Stalagmite Walkers influence this.

Should I Get Them?

Do not go out of your way to get them. More gold is nice but unless they are on a path to a bigger goal, the benefit is negligible.