Amethyst Damage Category: genes
Amethyst Damage
Cost: 1 Gene Point, Max: 69

  • Add 15% damage bonus per gene to Amethyst crabs and queens.
  • This damage bonus is summed up, then used as a separate multiplier to your Amethyst crabs and queens.
  • So if you have two genes, the multiplier (30%) would be 1.3x to your Amethyst damage.

Should I Get Them?

Yes, but only if they directly impact your game. If you are at the "end game" you should make Garnet Damage a priority. Avoid these others unless they block you from getting something more useful. If you're still in the lower game, the other colours will benefit you. I personally went out of my way in some places to get more +Garnet damage (the area around Golden Boss).