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AS2k / BG2k
You may hear some players talk about their "AS2k" number, or after the 1.4.0 update, their "BG2k" number. This is an unofficial unit of measurement that the player community has come up with to determine how powerful they are in relation to each other by using the DPS of the final queen as a gauge.

  • AS2k means "Ancestral Sun at 2000"
  • It is simply the displayed DPS of the queen Ancestral Sun at exactly level 2000 right after purchasing the final Queen Skill (The Chosen).
  • As of 1.4.0, Ancestral Sun is no longer the highest queen - it is now Blood Guardian. The concept is the same, however, just using Blood Guardian for the data instead of Ancestral Sun. Exactly level 2000 after purchasing her final skill ("Protector").

NOTE: If you have the gene Royal Wings, and you have the ability Queen Frenzy running at the time, your displayed DPS number will be doubled. To have an accurate AS2k / BG2k in this case, you would divide the number in half, or wait for Queen Frenzy to run out.

Why the final queen?

Damage numbers are impacted by queen skills. If we were to use a lower queen, the number showing in your game would most likely not match because you've unlocked and levelled who knows how many queens after it whose skills would change what you see there vs what we would calculate here.

To compare apples to apples, we use the final queen at 2k, when all skills have been purchased and that ambiguity has been eliminated.