Queen Frenzy Category: abilities
Queen Frenzy
Unlocked at Crab Level 300
Queens add Crab Dmg when they Critical
+2x Damage per Level

  • When a queen criticals, add a multiplier of crab damage to her total damage.
  • Begins at 3x multiplier and gains +2x per level of ability.
  • Uses AVERAGE CRAB DAMAGE as the basis for the multiplier.
  • See this article for more information on the average stats.
  • The gene Royal Wings adds a 50% speed boost and doubles the queen's own damage (does not double the +crab bonus).
  • The mutation Cerulean Pincers cuts its cooldown in half.
  • The mutation Scarlet Carapace increases the duration. If you have the cooldown mutation, you need level 390 Scarlet Carapace for "permanent queen frenzy" (total DNA cost 1840705 + unlock)

Talent: Empowered Genes

  • Increases queen spawn rate by 50%.
  • Normal spawn rate for a queen is 1 every 4 seconds. This will drop it to 1 queen every 2.67 seconds. Having the mutation for queen spawn rate already - Orchid Blossom Pincers- this will drop to 2.0 seconds.

When it's good

After you max out queen frenzy duration, or any time you need more concentrated damage.


Not much to say here. Increased queen density is a good thing. If your phone lags with too many crabs on the screen, this will make it worse though.

Talent: Relentless Assault

  • Increase Queen Frenzy duration by 50%.

When it's good

Before you get the queen frenzy duration mutation maxed out.


It does not offer any additional benefits other than a longer running time of Queen Frenzy. This in itself makes the talent worthwhile if you have not yet maxed out the duration.

Talent: Alpha Hunter

  • Increases queen damage vs bosses by 100%.
  • Only increases the queen's own damage, has no impact on the +crab damage bonus given by Queen Frenzy.

When it's good

Lower levels when queen base damage might actually matter.


The real damage from Queen Frenzy is in the +crab damage added when they crit. The queen's own damage is crap by comparison. Doubling crap vs bosses is just a bigger pile of crap. Unless you are at super low distances and your queens don't critical, you won't even see a change in the damage numbers.

Which Talent Should I Choose?

If your duration for QF isn't maxed out, then pick Relentless Assault. But once you have your duration maxed out, there is no question at all - Empowered Genes. You want as many queens hitting as possible to get that bonus +crab damage.