Bronze League Category: Tournaments
Bronze League
Get Your Pincers Wet


  • This is the newbie bracket.
  • For general information on the Tournaments, Read This Article
  • When you first start playing in the tournaments, this is where you'll go.
  • Once you gain enough Crowns you will advance to the Silver League and receive the award listed below.
  • You need a minimum of 300 Crowns to advance to Silver.

Rank Prizes

4 - 10752690
11 - 25502580
26 - 50402470
51 - 75301455
76 - 100201345
101 - 150100220
151 - 20050110

Advancement Prize

When you are promoted to the Silver League you will receive a prize:
  • 75 Pearls
  • 3 Gems
  • 6 Genes

Good Luck

Good luck, have fun, play nice, and enjoy your rewards! Remember this is just a game.

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