Stalagmite Carapace Category: Mutations
Stalagmite Carapace
+90% Emerald Damage
+10% Golden Leech Gold
No Maximum Level

  • Increases Emerald Damage granted by mutations by 90% per level.
  • The very first level when you unlock gives you a double bonus, so you start with 180%
  • Mutation damage adds up into one big bonus, so adding this 90% to an existing bonus of 500% would total 590%.
  • The genes Mutation Infusion multiply this coloured damage by 10% per gene, to a maximum of 110%.
  • The Gene Lab's Mutation Specialization further add to this multiplication by 5% per level, with no maximum,
  • Increases the amount of Golden Leech gold received by 10% per level.


Gold is delicious, and your golden leech knows that the reptiles are full of it. This mutation combines with Cerulean Walkers and Stalagmite Walkers to multiple the gold that your leech can draw out of the reptiles. There are no downsides to this mutation, and it should be part of your focus especially as you near the end of your game, as the leech can help buy you a significant number of queen levels to give you a boost in distance capabilities. The gold received when you upgrade your leech to Gilded is still impacted by this mutation.

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