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Boss Timers While You Sleep

This is an article originally written for Reddit a long time ago. (Original Here.)

The Question

Given the exponential nature of the reptile health progression, you may wonder just how far your little crabs might go while you sleep. The only real limiting factor to your progress is your boss timer. By default this is 30 seconds, but with Verdant Wings Walkers you can extend the timer. Should you? Yes of course, but how much effect does it really have?

To illustrate how reptile health progresses, here here's a Pretty Graph™ over any 500 meter span:

The Considerations

How far your little crabs go while you sleep depends on two things: Once you go to sleep, your DPS is fixed - in fact it will go down because your skills will wear off leaving only your queens, AppX crabs, and Laser Crab to do all the work. Or maybe you have a little elf that comes in and activates your abilities for you while you sleep. Or you spent billions of DNA to extend your ability timers to 8 hours each.. who knows. But anyway, what is the best case scenario for your extended boss timer to help you out given this fixed DPS?

Note that with the addition of Abysswyrms, you could of course go further than what is calculated here.

The Data

As the starting point we will use the final "hardest" boss that you can instantly kill. This means a boss at x00 or x50 meters. This will have your DPS at its absolute peak starting point. Through magic it will never go down.
Timer+ MetersTime w/ ETWTime w/o ETW
30100 0:03:230:05:13
The difference between the default boss timer (30 seconds) and one extended to a full hour (3600 seconds) is another 150m over the course of a good night's sleep (8 hours), assuming you have Ember Tipped Walkers maxed out.

Is that worth spending the total 38 million DNA on raising Verdant Wings Walkers to level 1200? You can decide.

To the Extreme

If you wanted to timer to 8 hours (28800 seconds) spending a total of 10.4 billion DNA for level 9600 VWW, you could push that threshold up to a whole +200m over the course of almost 39 hours.

Toxic Vines and Alpha Queens

Having Toxic Vines active might shave a minute or two total from the given times of the 1200+ second boss timers. Nothing significant, however. Same thing with queens having Alpha Hunter active.

The Other Extreme

How about those fancy 8 hour ability timers I mentioned? Sure thing. Figure the same as the increase to boss timer, approx. 10.4 billion DNA per ability to raise them up around level 9600. Total about 41 billion DNA to make swarm, smoke, frenzy, and split run the whole 8 hours you're asleep. Doing runs at 40000m and an ETC level 1000 you could raise 41 billion DNA in only 9300 runs. Figure that's about 4 years of play time. Of course any DNA boosts from the Jade event will reduce this some a little.