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March 2019

General Information

For more information about the event itself please read this library article. This is more to list out specifics to this month's event.

Normal Runes

  • 9 each Amethyst, Emerald, Garnet I (+15% dmg respective colour)
  • 4 each Amethyst, Emerald, Garnet II (+45% dmg respective colour)
  • 2 each Amethyst, Emerald, Garnet III (+75% dmg respective colour)
  • 9 Trinity I (+5% dmg all colours)
  • 3 Trinity II (+15% dmg all colours)
  • 3 Trinity III (+25% dmg all colours)
  • 10 Gold Rune I (+5% gold)
  • 6 Gold Rune II (+15% gold)
  • 3 Gold Rune III (+25% gold)

Jade Laser Runes

  • 3 Charged Blast (+100% damage)
  • 3 Focused Intensity (+5 seconds blast)
  • 2 Rapid Recharge (15 minute cooldown reduction)

Other Runes

  • 2 DNA Transfusion (+15% DNA from Ecdysis or +50% from Super Ecdysis
  • 2 Time Sphere (+25% Ability Duration)
  • 2 Pearl Hunter (3% chance a boss will drop a pearl)
  • 2 King's Domain (+50% Honor)
  • 2 Golden Ray Pact (+100% gold from Ray)
  • 1 Horizontal Boost (see below)
  • 1 Vertical Boost (see below)
  • 1 Memory Rune (see below

Memory Rune

  • The first rune on the board is called Memory Rune.
  • This rune grows in power based on the number of Runes you collected in January, and how many times you fired your Jade Laser during the January event.
  • For each Rune you collected in January, your Memory Rune will gain +10% All Damage.
  • For each time you used your Jade Beetle laser, your Memory Rune will gain +5% to Gold dropped.
  • If you are just beginning, or if you skipped playing in February, your Memory Rune will be set at 10% damage, 5% gold.

The Bonus Rune

As with many months now, the bonus rune you can stockpile after filling the board is Endless Rush.

March Special Runes

Horizontal Boost

This rune doubles all of the normal runes that share the same row. For this month, that means doubling:
  • Emerald Rune II
  • 2 of Garnet Rune I
  • Garnet Rune II
  • 2 of Trinity Rune I
  • Gold Rune I
  • Gold Rune II

Vertical Boost

This rune doubles all of the normal runes that share the same column. For this month, that means doubling:
  • 2 of Emerald Rune I
  • Emerald Rune II
  • Garnet Rune I
  • Trinity Rune II
  • 3 of Gold Rune I

Time Sphere

This rune says it adds 25% to your ability timers - 50% total if you get both of them. In true Crab War fashion, they don't mean your modified ability timers, they mean the default ones - 30 seconds. So this +50% only adds 15 seconds. For Leech that's awesome because there is no other way to raise it - but for a 45+ minute Shadow Swarm, +15 seconds is spitting in the ocean.

There are no special runes this month that impact school data.


Ignoring the Memory Rune (since it is different for everyone), getting a full rune board this month should be:
  • 465% Amethyst
  • 585% Emerald
  • 555% Garnet
  • 190% All Dmg
  • 250% Gold
  • +300% Jade Laser Damage
  • +15 seconds to Jade Laser blast
  • 30 minutes off Jade Laser Cooldown
  • +30% DNA on Ecdysis (or double DNA if doing a Super)
  • +50% Ability Duration -- 45 second leech~
  • 6% chance of seeing a pearl drop from a boss
  • Double honor in LoR
  • +200% gold from Golden Ray