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The Gene Lab
  • The Gene Lab was added to the game in March 2017 to combat the problem of players having a full Gene Tree and nothing to spend their extra Gene Points on.
  • The Gene Lab is an alternate way to spend your Gene Points.
  • Once you have attained 50 unspent Gene Points you can unlock the Lab (it does not consume them).
  • There are four "Genetic Powers" and four "Genetic Upgrades" in the Lab.
  • Genetic Powers are one-time activated abilities that perform an action or apply a bonus. Costs range from 5 to 30 points.
  • Genetic Upgrades enhance existing Genes, cost 5 points each, and have no level caps.
  • There are articles on each of the eight abilities in the Library.
  • As of this writing, there is no reset for Gene Lab upgrades. Be very selective in your purchases, as there are no refunds.


  • We have a Gene Tree Worksheet here at the Academy that you may want to play with after reading up on the various genes.
  • We have a Gene Lab Worksheet also to help spend those extra genes you will have eventually.