Frenzy Category: genes
Cost: 3 Gene Points, Max: 2

  • Increases crab speed by 75% for 3 seconds after a reptile kill.
  • These stack, so if you have both, the bonus becomes 150%.
  • The duration does not stack. 150% still for 3 seconds.

Should I Get Them?

If they're on the way to something better, sure. The speed boost is "nice", but doesn't last long enough to do much good. Figure it takes a full second for a reptile to spawn and become vulnerable so you only have 2 seconds of speed here. Most lower reptiles you can kill immediately with or without the speed, and when you get to a high level and can't kill them immediately, all Frenzy does is give you a chuckle when the crabs rush forward and then slow down abruptly.