Burrower Crab Category: genes
Burrower Crab
Cost: 30 Gene Points

  • Provides you with the Juggernaut's big brother, the Burrower Crab.
  • When activated, advances you 100m down the riverbed.
  • This is a one-time use ability. Like Juggernaut you have to keep buying these.
  • Unlike Juggernaut, however, he does not activate immediately. You will have an icon at the bottom of your game screen to activate him after purchase.
  • The Jade Scarab Monthly Event will reward you with 2 free Burrowers if you work to fill your Rune board.
  • You can also earn Burrowers for free during the Skull Bug mini-tournaments.

Should I Buy Them?

This is personal preference. These sorts of crabs are usually only used in a tournament. Keep in mind the maximum reward in a tournament is 10-35 gene points depending on which league youre in. Is it worth spending 30 to try and get a higher place? Do you buy $5 gift cards on sale for $8? Again, this is personal preference - but it's there if you want to buy it!