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Land of Reptiles
We Know Where You Live


  • The Land of Reptiles was released with version 2.0.1 on 27 Oct, 2017 in response to player requests for more content.
  • It is a mini-game that can be played while your main crabs run up the riverbed.
  • Playing in the Land of Reptiles does not stop your regular game so you will continue to gain distance.
  • It is a tapping game, similar to the main game, but it is set as individual fights with no distance progress to worry about.
  • You may access the Land of Reptiles via a button on the right side of the screen once you reach a distance of 750m.
  • New players much reach Ecdysis 1 before the Land of Reptiles button will appear. An internet connection is also required.

TL;DR - What You Want to Know

  • There are three ways Land of Reptiles impacts your main game.
  • Magma Part bonus (see below section on Magma Parts).
  • Collection Set bonus (see below section on Collection Sets).
  • These two bonuses add together as their own multiplier to your main game damage.
  • New with version 3.4.0 - the Abysswyrm (see below section)

The Basics

  • You have a King Crab that plays in this Land of Reptiles.
  • Your King Crab fights Queen Reptiles and King Reptiles along with four other players.
  • If you defeat the reptile, you gain Honor, which is like "experience points" in other games.
  • Earn enough Honor to Rank Up or level up your King Crab.
  • You earn a Golden Conch each time you rank up your King Crab.
  • Ranking up does not increase the power of your King Crab, it only increases the amount of Honor needed to receive your next Golden Conch.
  • You open the Golden Conch to receive three (3) King Crab Parts which make your King stronger or activate special abilities.


  • When you join a battle, four (4) other players appear with you.
  • They are not actually playing with you.
  • Their King Crab appears in your battle and acts as a Queen in the normal game, spawning occasionally to help you.
  • If you are lucky you may get someone a lot higher rank than you, and their crab will make the fight very easy.
  • If you are not lucky you may get someone rank 1 that is no help at all.
  • Recently they made a change where your Allies picked will be at least 30% of your own rank. So if you are rank 300, you should expect to see at least rank 100 crabs joining you.
  • At the end of the battle you have the option to Thank each of the four players, which grants them a small amount of Honor. Thanking is optional.
  • You can see how many times you have been Thanked and who Thanked you by clicking the Heart icon next to the giant Conch shell in the main Land of Reptiles panel.

How Often Can You Fight?

  • Each time your King Crab gains a Rank (levels up) you may fight a reptile.
  • You may Watch an Ad after one fight to be able to fight one more time.
  • You may Spend 100 Pearls to initiate a new fight (then watch an ad after that).
  • Lastly, there is a Two Hour Timer that will let you fight for free.


  • At the beginning of each battle you may Choose the Difficulty of the reptile you will face.
  • The difficulty screen shows you how much Honor you will get if you win, and how much Health the reptile has.
  • Keep in mind you will have 30 Seconds to defeat the reptile, so do not choose a reptile with super high health unless you can defeat it.
  • Every 5th fight is a King Reptile called Vampire. There is a counter at the bottom of the difficulty screen that shows when you will face the King Reptile.
  • There are 10 levels of difficulty.
  • If you watch an ad to "Fight Again", you will face a reptile of the same difficulty rating.
  • In the case of the King Reptile Vampire, if you watch an ad to "Fight Again" you aren't facing the King again - but rather a normal Queen Reptile of the same difficulty level.

Difficulty Tiers

  • Each tier has 10 levels of difficulty to choose from.
  • Defeating the 10th level of difficulty advances you to the first level of the next tier.
  • You can go back to a lower tier once you are promoted.
  • Each Tier advances the power of the Abysswyrm by 10 meters.

The Fight

  • You have 30 Seconds to defeat the Reptile.
  • You tap to spawn your King Crabs to do damage, just like the regular game.
  • As noted above, the four other players will spawn automatically as you fight, similar to queens in the regular game.
  • Like boss reptiles in the main game, these Queen and King Reptiles have a tongue attack to eat your crabs.
  • If you look closely at the Timer Bar you can tell when a tongue attack is about to happen.
  • The King Reptile will regain health from any crabs he eats during his tongue attack.
  • (Tip: Try not to have many crabs on the field when his tongue attack is about to happen.)
  • There is a Firefly that appears about every 5 seconds. Touch it to shock the reptile for damage.
  • There is a Firefly Power Meter on the right side of the screen. When it fills up, all 5 crabs merge into a Lightning Colossal Crab to charge the reptile.
  • At least for the moment, the countdown timer pauses for a moment while the Lightning Colossal Crab assembles and charges.
  • If you Fail to kill the reptile in 30 seconds, you may pay 100 Pearls to reset the timer for another 30 seconds. The reptile health does not reset.

Golden Conch Shells

  • Each time you rank up you gain one Golden Conch.
  • There is a counter next to the giant shell in the middle of the Land of Reptiles main screen to show how many you have.
  • Touch the giant shell then open the Golden Conch to receive King Crab Parts
  • You may purchase Golden Conch shells for real money if you don't feel like playing the game.

King Crab Parts

  • There are Four Sections of parts: Core (body), Left Claw, Right Claw, and Legs.
  • Each section has 21 Different Parts.
  • When you open a Golden Conch you will be given three random King Crab Parts from the 84 possible ones.
  • Common parts (blue) have one stat.
  • Uncommon parts (purple) have two stats.
  • Legendary parts (yellow) have two stats as well as a special ability.
  • Equipping a part only changes the appearance of your King Crab. You gain the full benefit of every part you own.
  • Parts can (and will) stack, gaining additional bonus with each new one you get. There is no known limit to the stacking.
  • There is No Bonus for collecting all Parts in a section.
  • With exception of the Magma parts, King Crab parts themselves do not impact your regular game. They only improve the King Crab itself.
  • Collecting a complete set of parts (Legs, Core, Left Claw, and Right Claw) of a specific type completes a set and grants a bonus damage to your main game (see below section).

Non-Magma Parts

  • Each part boosts one (or more) of the King Crab stats.
  • Damage, Crit Rate, Crit Damage, Speed, Dodge - all familiar statistics if you're playing the regular game.
  • Honor relates to how much additional Honor (experience points) you gain during your fight if you are successful.
  • Ally Honor raises how much Honor you get when you are Thanked by someone.
  • Legendary parts (the yellow ones at the end of each section) has a Special Ability that adds something new to the King Crab game, not the regular base game.
  • The only individual parts that have a direct impact on the regular base game are Magma parts...

Magma Parts

  • The very last part in each of the Four Sections is a Legendary part called Magma.
  • The special ability of Magma is to grant 1% damage bonus to your regular crab game for each part you have unlocked.
  • There are 21 parts in the section, so if you had them all, each Magma would give you a 21% bonus.
  • If you get additional Magma parts in the same section, the bonus goes up.
  • This bonus is a new multiplier in the base game. As such, it will have large impact at first then start diminishing as it grows higher and higher.

Collection Sets

  • Collecting one piece of each body part for a particular type will complete a set.
  • Each common set grants 1% extra damage to your main game.
  • Each rare set (purple) grants 3% extra damage.
  • Each legendary set (yellow) grants 10% extra damage.
  • This bonus is displayed on the Collection tab in the LoR screen. It is added to the Magma bonus.

The Abysswyrm

  • The Abysswyrm was added with version 3.4.0 in Feb 2019.
  • The Abysswyrm has a chance to appear in place of any boss in the main game.
  • Defeating the Abysswyrm will warp you forward by a certain distance based on your LoR Tier.
  • You have a 2.5% chance for an Abysswyrm to appear.
  • Watching ads on the Claw of Midas buff can increase this to 5% total.
  • Depending on your luck, you can certainly get multiple Abysswyrms in a row.
  • There is a section on the Crab Run worksheet under the Stuff tab which will show you how much time Abby can save you.

King Crab Dodge

  • Dodge in Land of Reptiles works a little differently than the main game.
  • Astute crabs will add their crab parts (there are 10 in total that contribute to Dodge) and see that the sum of the parts is greater than the displayed Dodge statistic.
  • There is a scale applied so that you will never reach 100% dodge no matter how many parts you get.
  • That scale is such that you will see bigger gains at first, and the ever present diminishing returns as you get more and more parts.
  • +100% Dodge parts = 51% actual Dodge.
  • +200% Dodge parts = 69%.
  • The maximum Dodge you will see is 80%. You need +506.5% in parts to reach this.
  • Here is a baby worksheet to see what to expect:
  • King Dodge %
  • Dodge parts can add up to 28% to 29.5%
  • Dodge parts can add up to 506.5% and beyond. No further gains will be made.


  • There is a King Crab Worksheet to let you enter the relevant data that impacts the main game or other worksheets on here.
  • There will not be a worksheet for the King Crab damage stats itself as this mini-game has no decision making other than the difficulty of reptile that you face.