Genetic Split Category: abilities
Genetic Split
Unlocked at Crab Level 375
Increases Crab Damage, Spawns Extra Crabs / Tap
+20% Damage per Level

  • Spawns 2 crabs per tap that deal a multiplier of crab damage each.
  • Begins at 100% bonus and goes up by 20% each level.
  • Damage bonus applies to Shadow Swarm crabs and raises AVERAGE CRAB DAMAGE as well.
  • See this article for more information on the average stats.
  • The gene Tertiary Fission adds a 3rd crab to the tap.
  • The mutation Stalagmite Pincers cuts its cooldown in half.
  • The mutation Cerulean Carapace increases the duration. If you have the cooldown mutation, you need level 490 Cerulean Carapace for "permanent genetic split" (total cost 3406688 DNA + unlock).

Talent: Kinetic Acceleration

  • Increases tapped crabs speed by 300%.

When it's good

At lower levels when you have the default 30 second boss timer.


Increased speed does not increase your damage potential since you can only tap so fast. This talent delivers that damage faster which is only good in timed situations such as low boss timers, or having the butterfly 100% golden reptile spawn buff running and you want to kill things as soon as they appear. This talent is also kind of funny to see how fast the crabs move..

Talent: Prolonged Genes

  • Increases Genetic Split duration by 50%.

When it's good

If you don't have the Genetic Split duration mutation maxed out.


This talent doesn't add any damage potential by itself, but you want Genetic Split running as long as possible so this is your choice if your duration isn't that high.

Talent: Bubble Shield

  • Applies bubble shield to your tapped crabs.
  • Bubble Shield blocks the explosion from a dead reptile, and adds 25% damage to the crab with the shield.

When it's good

If you've maxed out the duration already, this is the only talent that adds damage.


The 25% from Bubble Shield is on top of all other damage, critical included, so really there is nothing wrong with this talent at all, as it is the only one that increases damage even more.

Which Talent Should I Choose?

The real power in Genetic Split is that it impacts all of your non-queen crabs. Shadow Swarm benefits from the damage increase. Anything that uses AVERAGE CRAB DAMAGE also benefits - which means Queen Frenzy, the AppXplore crab, Laser Crab, Gunner Crab, Toxic Vines.. all benefit from Genetic Split. You want this running as long as possible even if you aren't tapping. So for that reason, I'd go with Prolonging Genes until you have your duration maxed out. Then Bubble Shield, no question.