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Bijective Hexavigesimal
It's Fancy Talk for 26.

The numbering system used in Crab War is known as Bijective Hexavigesimal notation. You may be familiar with it in spreadsheet programs that label their columns by letters A.. Z.. then AA, AB, AC.. etc.

A system such as this allows them to use what we call "stupidly big" numbers without seeming that big when you look at them. When you see "1.00 Dt" you don't think to yourself wow, that's a number that has 306 zeroes.

Crab War's system starts with somewhat normal notations:
  • k = thousand (e+03)
  • m = million (e+06)
  • b = billion (e+09)
  • t = trillion (e+12)
Then it begins with Aa (e+15) and goes up from there to Ab, Ac, etc. Each change represents a number 1000 times bigger than the previous letter.

Given the current system of two-letter "numbering", should it stop at Zz, will represent numbers containing over 2000 zeroes.

For a point of reference, the number of atoms in the observable universe is a number with around 80 zeroes. Think about that as you pass 19km with your crabs.

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