Flitter's Boxes

Flitter Needs Your Help!

Flitter's gem boxes have become disorganized! He needs your help to make sense of the chaos and restore gem stacks to their proper places. If you help him, maybe he will bring you a gem as thanks!

General Instructions

  • Flitter's Boxes is a very simple Concentration / Memory type game.
  • Simply match gems or pearls on the grid until you have cleared it all.
  • There are various grid sizes, and we time you because we're mean.
  • If you want more frustration, there's a Hard and Expert mode.


  • Since you are not signed in, we won't be able to save your best times.

Flitter's Best Helpers

Fastest Times
Size Time Player
1 4x4 0m 04.22s DR
2 4x4 0m 04.38s Lume
3 4x4 0m 07.58s Alapaap
1 6x6 0m 27.50s DR
2 6x6 0m 31.55s Lume
3 6x6 0m 40.71s Alapaap
1 8x8 1m 43.21s DR
2 8x8 1m 46.69s Lume
3 8x8 1m 54.36s Alapaap
Least Moves
Size Moves Player
1 4x4 10 delme
2 4x4 10 Tymex
3 4x4 11 DR
1 6x6 27 DR
2 6x6 29 Truthvenom
3 6x6 30 Tymex
1 8x8 51 Alapaap
2 8x8 53 DR
3 8x8 54 Truthvenom

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