Flitter's Run

Flitter Needs to Get Home!

Flitter took a wrong turn and needs to get home with this gem he found. If you help him, maybe he will bring you a gem as thanks!

General Instructions

  • Help Flitter navigate his way through the forest.
  • Simply tap the space bar (or click/tap the game) to make Flitter fly higher.
  • The farther you can go, the better you will feel about life.
  • There are three difficulty modes right now:
    1. Easy: A relaxed pace, nice large gaps.
    2. Hard: The gaps get a little smaller.
    3. Oh No: Where's the fire?
  • There is background music - but Internet Explorer won't play it.

Phone Users

  • You should be in Landscape orientation.
  • You'll probably want to try the Full Screen play mode.
  • You may have to scroll the page a little to get rid of your address bar.


  • Since you are not signed in, we won't be able to save your best distance.
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Flitter's Best Runs

Difficulty Distance Player
1 Easy 773 Tdipd
2 Easy 671 Tymex
3 Easy 520 Laider
1 Hard 227 Tymex
2 Hard 189 Tdipd
3 Hard 86 ilEx21
1 Oh No 305 ClickerZero
2 Oh No 207 Tymex
3 Oh No 131 Tdipd
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