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Jade Scarab Event
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  • The Jade Scarab is a new monthly event introduced in October 2018 as a promised replacement when they took away the Pearl Hunter gene from the gene tree (may it rest in peace).
  • During the first week of each month, you collect rune fragments by tapping jade fireflies while your Beetle sleeps.
  • Fragments earn Runes on a 10x10 board. Each Rune has a bonus.
  • Rune Bonuses are not active while collecting them.
  • At the end of the first week, the Runes are locked and the Jade Beetle wakes up.
  • The Rune bonuses go into effect when the Beetle wakes up.
  • The Jade Beetle will appear in your main game, with your King Crab riding on its back.
  • Yes, that's as cool as it sounds.
  • Tapping the Beetle unleashes his power -- massive lasers that do massive damage.
  • The Beetle has a cooldown which you can override by paying pearls.
  • At the end of the month the Beetle goes to sleep again and the Rune bonus turns off.
  • You start the whole process over again on the first of the month, collecting new Runes.
  • Any notes we have on the current event may be found here.

Rune Collecting!

  • During the first week of the month you collect Rune Fragments to earn Runes.
  • You earn a Rune Fragment by tapping the Jade Messenger (green firefly) that appears in the main game every 20 seconds.
  • Some Messengers will give you an option to watch an ad for 5 fragments instead of 1. This can happen every five Messengers.
  • You may activate a beacon for 100 pearls that will bring in 50 Messengers at once. These give 1 fragment each with no option for watching ads.
  • Every X number of Rune Fragments will earn you a new Rune. The cost scales up from 2 fragments to 70 fragments.
  • The total fragments to fill your Rune board (100 runes) is 3585.
  • If you only tapped single-fragment Messengers, that would be "about" 20 hours of time spent.
  • If you spent pearls for beacons to get all 3585, you would spend around 7170 pearls.
  • If you continue collecting fragments after your final Rune, every additional 70 will earn you a bonus Rune that is at the top of the board. There is no known limit to the number of bonus Runes you can collect -- only the amount of time to collect them is limited to the first week of the month.


  • There are 100 Runes arranged into a 10x10 grid.
  • Each Rune has some bonus associated with it. Examples being +15% Garnet Damage, +20% Gold, etc.
  • There are a number of special Runes that change each month and impact different parts of the game.
  • As of this writing there have been 3 months of this event and the Rune sets have not yet repeated.
  • There is an extra Rune at the top of the 10x10 grid that you begin earning once you have filled the grid.
  • There is a summary screen that shows the total statistics gained by your Rune collecting.
  • The Rune Bonuses are not active until the Jade Beetle wakes up after the first week of the month is over.
  • At the end of the month when the Jade Beetle goes back to sleep, the Rune bonus will turn off and the Rune board will reset.

Memory Rune

  • The first rune on the board is called Memory Rune.
  • This rune grows in power based on the number of Runes you collected, and how many times you fired your Jade Laser during the previous event.
  • For each Rune you collected, your Memory Rune will gain +10% All Damage.
  • For each time you used your Jade Beetle laser, your Memory Rune will gain +5% to Gold dropped.
  • If you are just beginning, or if you skipped a month, your Memory Rune will be set at 10% damage, 5% gold.

Event Prizes

  • In addition to 3 weeks of Rune Bonus and a powerful Beetle laser, you earn prizes if you complete full lines on the 10x10 grid.
  • You earn a prize for every horizontal row filled, every vertical column filled, and the two diagonals for a total of 22 individual prizes.
  • A prize is some amount of pearls, gems, genes, or a Burrower Crab.
  • The 22 prizes seem to total:
    • 1500 Pearls
    • 32 Genes
    • 18 Gems
    • 2 Burrower Crabs


There is a Jade Scarab Worksheet available to fill in your Rune bonuses so the rest of the site can continue to calculate things accurately for you. That worksheet may lag behind the current monthly Rune set for a while so we'd ask your patience as new bonuses may take time to figure out.

More Info

We will add more information to this article as time goes on. There is a Spreadsheet that student Waifuuu has been working on that may have additional information.

Rune Fragment Calculator

You will need additional Rune Fragments to have total Runes. Assuming 20 seconds per fragment this will take approximately .

Special Rune Notes

Hidden Power (October 2018, Feb 2019)
This rune increases overall damage by a % for each Ability you have active (Swarm, Smokescreen, etc). Even Collossal Crab adds a bonus for the few seconds that it is "active". The bonuses are additive, so if one ability increases by 60% then two will increase by 120%. This bonus is a multiplier so it is pretty massive.

Gem Power (December 2018, Feb 2019)
This rune increases "gem bonus" by a %. It is not a multiplier of overall gem bonus as calculated by your Gene Tree and Gene Lab bonuses to Gem Damage %. If you recall, the "base" gem bonus without any Genes or Gene Lab is 10% per gem. If this Gem Power Rune increases you by 20%, then it only adds 20% of that base 10%, or 2% overall to the per-gem bonus. Think of it as getting two free levels of Gem Specialization in the Gene Lab.

To the Extreme

How many Runes can you get in your 7 day period? Most casual players will struggle to get all 100 of the base runes done. But there are other players that are a bit more, let's say "dedicated" to the cause.

Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3

Stupid Math Numbers