Crab Cast Details: Rolf-Erik
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Details For Rolf-Erik

Highest ECD 1419
Play Hours 4120
Info Updated ~ 3d ago
Mutations Unlocked 36
Approx DNA Spent 6290299
On ETC 0
Total Gems 4580
Per Gem Bonus 390%
Amethyst Sets 138
Emerald Sets 138
Garnet Sets 142
Full Sets 138
Gene Tree Spent 551  Tree
Crystalline Claws 315
Mutation Specialization 347
Gem Specialization 370
Gold Luster 95
King Crab Multiplier 57.05
Jade Scarab: All 17.40
Amethyst 22.20
Emerald 23.70
Garnet 22.65
Gold Drop 6.25
Highest Queen at 2k 0
Ego Boost**
God Complex**
** A Note on Ego Boost
  • Ego Boost represents how much more powerful you are compared to a player that somehow has your highest queen but no gems, no mutations -- nothing extra at all. This is not a realistic scenario but it gives you some idea of how strong you are (and another way to measure yourself against others).
  • God Complex represents how much more powerful you are compared to a new player that has Shroud and nothing else. Calculating from a true new player with no queens at all would blow up my equations -- but this is close enough.
  • Both numbers are in Crab War Notation because they are likely very large.
  • Like everything else, this is for entertainment purposes only -- please don't take it as religious dogma.
Got It.

Power Distribution: 2k

Power Distribution: Overall

Power Distribution: Overall

Ability Timers

Cool Dur

"Permanent" will be bolded.

Gold Multipliers

A Note on Multipliers Using Crab War Notation because these numbers can get rather large. Also, these multipliers might be bigger than those shown on Spending DNA or under the Mutation tab here because these represent everything: mutations, genes, gold from evolutions and queens, the Claw of Midas buff and any Jade Beetle bonus. Spending DNA and the mutation tab here focuses specifically on mutations. Got It.
Reptile Gold 0
Gold Reptile 0
Boss Gold 0
Leech 0

Mutation Multipliers

Amethyst Dmg 0
Emerald Dmg 0
Garnet Dmg 0
Amethyst Crit 0
Emerald Crit 0
Garnet Crit 0
Leech 0


Mutation Bonus Level
Cerulean Carapace Genetic Split Duration 987
Cerulean Pincers Queen Frenzy Cooldown 10
Cerulean Walkers Reptile Gold Drop 3410
Orchid Blossom Pincers All Queen Spawn Speed 10
Orchid Blossom Walkers All Amethyst Critical Dmg 1790
Orchid Blossom Carapace All Amethyst Critical Rate 15
Scythe Walkers Boss Life 25
Scythe Carapace Shadow Swarm Duration 987
Scythe Pincers Colossal Crab Cooldown 10
Stalagmite Pincers Genetic Split Cooldown 10
Stalagmite Walkers All Gold Received 3046
Stalagmite Carapace Golden Leech Gold 2522
Verdant Wings Pincers Shadow Swarm Cooldown 10
Verdant Wings Carapace Smokescreen Duration 807
Verdant Wings Walkers Boss Timer Increase 725
Viridian Walkers All Emerald Critical Dmg 1587
Viridian Pincers Double Butterfly Spawn Chance 10
Viridian Carapace All Emerald Critical Rate 15
Solar Flare Pincers Upgrade Cost 25
Solar Flare Walkers All Garnet Critical Dmg 2408
Solar Flare Carapace All Garnet Crit Rate 15
Scarlet Carapace Queen Frenzy Duration 1625
Scarlet Walkers All Crab Dmg 3958
Scarlet Pincers Smokescreen Cooldown 10
Red Devil Walkers Butterfly Spawn Rate 10
Red Devil Pincers Golden Leech Cooldown 10
Red Devil Carapace Boss Gold Drop 2239
Violet Tipped Pincers Golden Reptile Gold Drop 2450
Violet Tipped Walkers All Crab Speed 15
Violet Tipped Carapace Queen DPS to Crab Dmg 15
Jade Tipped Walkers All Crab Critical Dmg 2004
Jade Tipped Pincers Skip Distance 100
Jade Tipped Carapace All Crab Critical Rate 20
Ember Tipped Carapace More DNA when Ecdysis 650
Ember Tipped Walkers Less Reptiles 5
Ember Tipped Pincers Golden Reptile Spawn Chance 1420

Amethyst Gems

158 154 161 160 158 140 165 151 138 148
Total Gems 0
Gem Bonus 0
Sets 0
Set Bonus 0 (+ 0 FS)
"Luck" 0

Emerald Gems

157 146 151 139 157 168 146 160 138 139
Total Gems 0
Gem Bonus 0
Sets 0
Set Bonus 0 (+ 0 FS)
"Luck" 0

Garnet Gems

159 168 142 152 149 163 151 163 156 143
Total Gems 0
Gem Bonus 0
Sets 0
Set Bonus 0 (+ 0 FS)
"Luck" 0
Max Per Stack 0
Total Gems 0
Full Sets 0
Bonus 0
"Luck" 0

Tournament Statistics

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